223 Firearms Handed In During Herts Amnesty

24th November 2014

Hertfordshire Constabulary's firearms amnesty ended on Friday November 21 with more than 220 weapons being surrendered.

The amnesty, which has been running since Monday November 10, has seen an unexpected level of engagement from Hertfordshire residents, who have handed in a total of 223 firearms during the amnesty. These were:

  • Air rifles: 22
  • Air pistols: 23
  • Imitation weapons: 58
  • Deactivated weapon: 1
  • Starting pistols: 26
  • Shotguns: 46
  • Rifles: 7
  • Handguns: 18
  • Antiques: 7
  • Signal pistols: 3
  • Others: 12
  • Crossbows: 3
  • Ammunition: over 4000 rounds

Chief Superintendent Jane Swinburne said: "I am delighted with the response from the public who have fully engaged in this amnesty and helped to make the county an even safer place to live. We never expected to get such a response and I'm pleased to say that the majority of firearms have been surrendered by citizens who have given full details to the police, either via our collection service or by bringing them into police stations."

For more information visit www.herts.police.uk



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