Celebrity Firearms Expert Visits NABIS

13th May 2015

NABIS - The National Ballistics Intelligence Service - hosted a celebrity guest recently when Bill Harriman dropped by for a visit.

The historic firearms expert, who shares his wisdom on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow TV programme, was invited to the NABIS hub in Birmingham to meet the team of technicians who work there.

Mr Harriman, who is also the Director of Firearms for the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and an independent firearms forensic examiner, was given a tour of the impressive facilities at the NABIS hub.

NABIS Lead Forensic Scientist, Martin Parker, showed the special guest around the state of the art building; which includes a lab and a firing range. Mr Harriman also met with Detective Chief Superintendent Jo Chilton, the Head of NABIS.

Martin said: "We were delighted to welcome Bill to the NABIS hub to see the important work we carry out to tackle gun crime. He showed great interest in the technology we employ and we were able to identify ways in which Bill can provide assistance with the managing of our reference collections."

NABIS work with police forces across the UK to analyse ballistic material and build up a picture of the threat of gun crime. The service can offer fast time intelligence to police and other crime agencies following a firearms incident.

Mr Harriman added: "BASC has enjoyed a good working relationship with NABIS since its foundation. We find NABIS' work particularly helpful to us in that it helps reinforce the distinction between illegally owned guns used by dangerous armed criminals and legitimate firearms owned by hunters, sport shooters and heritage enthusiasts. It is important that the public and politicians understand this important distinction.

"BASC is grateful for NABIS' continuing support of the shooting community and we look forward to working in partnership with colleagues there in the future."

Antiques Roadshow is on BBC1 on Sunday evenings at 8pm.

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