Cumbria Constabulary Firearms Surrender Comes To An End

2nd December 2014

Cumbria Constabulary recovered over a hundred firearms and ammunition during a county-wide national amnesty.

The amnesty ran from Monday 10th November to Friday 21st November. The aim of the amnesty was to provide an opportunity to hand in unwanted or unlawfully held firearms, replica firearms, air weapons, BB guns, imitation firearms, antique firearms, component parts and other ballistic items.

The surrender period was devised to enable those who held firearms and ammunition, without a valid certificate, to surrender those to the police. The amnesty also followed a change to firearm legislation.

Chief Inspector David Bosson said: "We are really pleased with the number of firearms and ammunition that were handed in to police over the amnesty period. Every firearm or piece of ammunition that was recovered is one less firearm or ammunition that could fall into the hands of a person with criminal intentions.

"Many of the firearms and shotguns that were surrendered may have been correctly licensed but unwanted by their owners. The amnesty provided an opportunity for them to dispose safely of their items.

"The weapons that have been recovered will now be examined and a definitive classification will be determined. I'd like to thank members of the public who took part in the amnesty and by doing so they have made the county safer."

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