Essex Police Begin Gun Surrender

7th November 2014

Essex Police is holding a two-week Gun Surrender period to allow people to dispose of firearms.

The force has taken the step as recent changes to legislation mean that it is now illegal for some people to hold antique weapons.

Other police forces have already held gun surrrenders with positive results and the the force is keen to take the opportunity to prevent firearms from ending up in the wrong hands.

Assistant Chief Constable Matthew Horne said: "We are looking for public support to get as many guns off the streets and out of potential criminal circulation as we can. Every gun given up is one less that criminals can use.

"The illegal possession of firearms in Essex has remained fairly constant over the past five years at around 330 offences per year. This covers the whole range of firearms including air weapons and pepper spray and we believe this Gun Surrender could help reduce that number significantly.

"The tragic death of PC Ian Dibell, who was shot dead while trying to disarm a man in Clacton in 2012, is an all too recent reminder of the fatal consequences that can come from the possession of guns."

In total there will be 10 police stations across Essex which will be receiving weapons and ammunition that are disposed of during the surrender period between 8am on Friday November 7 and 11pm on Friday November 21.

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