Good Result After Merseyside Police Gun Surrender

1st December 2014

Merseyside Police has had a total of 126 weapons and lots of ammunition handed in during the force's two weeks firearms surrender, including 41 firearms.

The surrender ran across the force area from Friday, 7 November to Friday, 21 November and was designed to give people in possession of illegal firearms an opportunity to hand them in. It also extended to giving people a safe disposal route for antique, replica and decommissioned firearms which could be capable of being reactivated and used for criminal purposes.

The 41 firearms which have been handed in consist of 25 shotguns, one of which was sawn-off, five rifles and 11 handguns, many of which are antique or so-called 'grandad guns'.

20 lots of ammunition were also surrendered, amounting to 2600 rounds (not including air pellets).

12 of the firearms are being considered for assessment by the National Ballistics Intelligence Service as part of investigations into their history and use.

Detective Chief Inspector Tom Keaton, Matrix Serious Organised Crime Major Investigation Wing, said: "We are extremely pleased with the results of the surrender and the firearms that the public have handed-in.

"Of the 41 firearms that we have received, many were antique guns, exactly the type that we were targeting, and nearly all appear to be capable of being discharged."

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