16th April 2014

The work of NABIS the National Ballistics Intelligence Service is featured in a primetime TV programme.

Episode 1 of Britain's Crime Capitals' on Channel 5 was broadcast on Monday night (14 April) and featured gun crime in the city of Liverpool.

As part of the programme the film company, twofour, visited the Birmingham NABIS lab and interviewed head of NABIS; Detective Chief Superintendent Iain O'Brien and Lead Forensic Scientist Martin Parker.

Det Chf Supt Iain O'Brien said: "This was a great opportunity for NABIS to showcase its work in the area of ballistics and gun crime and share some of the expertise with Channel 5 viewers.

"NABIS has been instrumental in enabling law enforcement to understand the true extent and nature of gun crime by analysing weapons and ballistic material, and then linking them with previous crimes and incidents.

"NABIS is the only comprehensive ballistics intelligence service in the world and we were happy to take part in the programme to help raise awareness of the crucial work being done by police forces to tackle gun crime.

"The overall levels of gun crime for the UK have fallen in the last ten years and we are working hard to continue to protect communities.

NABIS works with the 43 police forces of England and Wales as well as partner law enforcement agencies to deliver a world class firearms intelligence capability combining science, intelligence and knowledge.

NABIS has four forensic hubs servicing England, Wales and Scotland. These hubs are hosted by a force in each region (London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow).

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