NABIS Feature In New BBC4 Forensics Show

18th June 2015

NABIS, the National Ballistics Intelligence Service, feature in a new BBC4 TV programme which is broadcast from tonight (Thursday, 18 June).

Catching History's Criminals: The Forensics Story is a three part series which gives a fascinating insight into the history of tracing killers, as well as looking forward to the future of forensics and new technology.

NABIS feature in the third episode, entitled 'Instruments of Murder', which is due to air on Thursday 2 July at 9pm.

The BBC visited the NABIS hub in Birmingham earlier this year to interview Lead Forensic Scientist Martin Parker and meet the team of experts.

Martin said: "The programme makers wanted to learn more about ballistics and what NABIS do to help police forces with forensic opportunities following a serious incident or murder.

"We now have new 3D HD technology in our labs which allow us to match ballistic items with even more precision. However we still use microscopes and the human eye to check cases. And the basic workings of a gun have stayed the same for more than a hundred years."

The BBC4 show features TV presenter and surgeon Gabriel Weston, as well as Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys who invented DNA fingerprinting.

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