NABIS Host EU Firearms Conference

7th September 2016

NABIS (National Ballistics Intelligence Service) is hosting a four day conference for law enforcement colleagues at their headquarters in Birmingham.

The event began on Tuesday 6 September and will be attended by 28 people from 14 European Union member states including Spain, Finland and Denmark.

The opening address was given by Chief Constable Dave Thompson, who heads up West Midlands Police. He is the National Police Chief's Council lead on Criminal Use of Firearms (CUF).

Issues to be discussed include: A feasibility study into the creation of National Focal Points and ways to improve tracking and traceability of firearms within the EU and with third parties.

NABIS will be promoting ballistic analysis and the usefulness of different ballistic identification systems.

Ian Head, who manages the NABIS Intelligence Cell, welcomed visitors to the conference. He chairs the European Firearms Experts group and also works closely with Europol to tackle gun crime as a priority issue.

Speakers during the conference will include NABIS Lead Forensic Scientist Martin Parker and representatives from the Home Office and National Crime Agency (NCA).

Detective Chief Superintendent Jo Chilton, Head of NABIS, said: "It's a pleasure to welcome back to Birmingham our colleagues from across Europe. Over the next few days NABIS will share the UK approach to tackling the criminal use of firearms with EU members, as well as understand how other EU countries tackle this issue. Working together is key to tackling firearms trafficking to ensure we can keep communities safe and bring offenders to justice."

NABIS use the IBIS (Integrated Ballistics Identification System) at their four hubs around the UK (Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Manchester). The technology allows ballistic items (sometimes from crime scenes) to be compared and 'matched'

The NABIS team work with police forces and other law enforcement organisations such as the National Crime Agency and Border Force to tackle gun crime and share working practices.

NABIS was set up in 2008 and supports UK police forces by analysing ballistic items and test firing weapons which have been seized by officers.    


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