NABIS Issues Latest Quarterly Stats

3rd March 2016

NABIS has issued the latest quarterly stats for the period 1 October to 31 December 2015. These stats give a flavour of items coming into our hubs from UK police forces. The hubs are based in Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Manchester. 

Quarterly stats 1 Oct to 31 Dec 2015

  • 68 inferred firearms reported on this quarter are outstanding (an inferred firearm is one we know exists but we - or police - have not got that weapon).
  • 58 of these firearms have been used once
  • 10 firearms have been previously used
  • 25 firearms previously identified as inferred have been recovered in this reporting period
  • 305 firearms submitted to NABIS were recovered with no previous ballistic connections

All Outstanding Firearm Types Reported to NABIS In This Quarter:

pistol 47%, revolver 31%, shotgun 9%, rifle 3%, sub machine gun 6%, possible pistol/sub machine gun 3%, unknown type 1%

  • 55 of the 68 outstanding firearms were identified as handguns or possible handguns
  • Pistols and Revolvers remain the most commonly used firearm

All outstanding firearms reported to NABIS since NABIS began (2008):

pistol 42%, revolver 22%, type unknown 17%, shotgun 14%, sub machine gun 3%, rifle 2%

Obsolete calibre weapons are often referred to by the public as 'antique' firearms.  

There are currently 93 outstanding inferred firearms that are confirmed as obsolete calibre or believed to be obsolete calibre that have been linked to shootings either at people or property.

There have been 4 murders using obsolete calibre firearms, 3 of these firearms are still outstanding and 1 has been recovered. The most recent murder was in October 2015

  • There have been 13 obsolete calibre firearms recovered that are linked to 15 discharges.
  • There have been 423 obsolete calibre firearms recovered and submitted to NABIS, of these 98 were from firearms surrenders but 325 were recovered in criminal circumstances such as an arrest or execution of a search warrant.
  • Of the 423 it was found that 312 were recovered by police prior to use.
  • 52% of obsolete calibre firearms recovered are found with suitable ammunition.
  • Obsolete Calibre Firearms make up to around 6% of the total number of inferred firearms. The term around is used as this figure changes daily as firearms are recovered and examined or new ballistic material identified.

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