One Week To Go Until Emergency Services Show

16th September 2015

NABIS is taking part in the prestigious Emergency Services Show for the second time.

The important organisation, which works with police forces around the UK, is attending the NEC Birmingham event next week to reach an even wider audience.

Staff from the NABIS team will be on hand to answer questions and explain more about the work we do to tackle firearms offences.

NABIS was formed in 2008 following a rise in levels of gun crime.

The team, headed by Detective Chief Superintendent Jo Chilton, is split into three main priorities - Forensic Services, Knowledge and Communications and the Intelligence Cell.

The Forensic Services team analyse ballistic material submitted by police forces across the UK and utilise cutting edge technology to connect incidents nationwide.

NABIS experts, located at hubs in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Scotland provide detailed reports to police officers to help them crack cases and build up a national picture of the criminal use of firearms.

The Intelligence Cell compiles information about people, objects, locations and events associated with gun crime in the UK. This information takes the form of intelligence packages which are available to police forces and provide a detailed account of the current picture of firearms offences.

Members of the Knowledge and Communications team manage the NABIS database and carry out training for police officers and police staff. They also work with forces and other partner agencies to spread the word about NABIS and tackling gun crime.

The team also work closely with Deputy Chief Constable Dave Thompson, national policing lead for the Criminal Use of Firearms.

Clive Robinson, Head of Knowledge and Communications said: "We are looking forward to taking part in the show at the NEC for the second time. It is useful for NABIS to be part of such a large event with colleagues from around the blue light services and other important areas of business.

"We hope lots of visitors will come and meet the team on 23 and 24 September and find out much more about NABIS. Levels of gun crime have fallen consistently over the last few years and we are working hard to keep it that way".

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