Trio Jailed After Large Stash Of Guns Recovered

5th May 2017

Three men have been jailed for 15 years in total after detectives acting on intelligence recovered a large stash of guns, ammunition and firearms paraphernalia from their homes.

Two brothers - Abdullah Ali, 30 (10.03.87) and Adam Ali, 21, (07.06.95) of Ederline Avenue in Norbury - and Roman Nikolajevs, 21 (26.07.95), of Eaton Road in Sutton pleaded guilty to possession of firearms on 2 November 2016.

Yesterday, Thursday 4 May, at Croydon Crown Court, each of the men was jailed for five years for possession of a firearm. Abdullah Ali was also sentenced to two years' imprisonment, to run concurrent, for possession of ammunition; and Adam Ali was also jailed for six months' imprisonment for possession of ammunition, to run concurrent.

The Met's Counter Terrorism Command (SO15) launched an investigation after intelligence suggested the group had a live firearm. At the time, SO15 was considered the most appropriate team to investigate but their subsequent enquiries discounted a terrorism plot.

It is believed that Adam Ali attempted to source a working gun via the dark web while Abdullah Ali had a reactivated Llama pistol. Adam Ali and Nikolajevs then tested the gun in preparation for the pair to use.

SO15 officers, assisted by colleagues from the Met's Firearms Command, raided the Ali brothers' home at around 06:00hrs on 23 May 2015, arresting them in their respective bedrooms.

From Abdullah Ali's bedroom, they recovered a loaded Llama 9mm handgun (pictured) which had been deactivated and subsequently reactivated; a deactivated Hungarian FEG 9mm pistol; various component parts of an AK47 assault rifle; 54 rounds of live ammunition; potassium nitrate and sulphur - chemicals for use in gunpowder - a bullet-proof vest and a number of books about making guns and ammunition.

Detectives seized a plethora of digital devices including laptops, mobile phones, USB sticks and discs from around the house. One disc entitled "Guns" contained survival guides, a US Army survival manual and documents regarding gunsmithing and explosives.

Officers proved, by unpicking a string of email and text conversations, that Adam Ali had made numerous attempts to obtain a working firearm, including by seeking the assistance of people on the dark web. He had also searched online for pictures of machine guns and handguns.

Adam Ali's mobile contained messages to Roman Nikolajevs in which they discussed unsuccessfully test-firing the Llama pistol on 10 May 2015 and 22 May 2015.

Crucially, officers proved, through forensic analysis of the Llama pistol, that Adam Ali and Nikolajevs had both handled the gun.

Officers arrested Nikolajevs at his home in Sutton at approximately 06:00hrs on 28 May 2016. When searching, they seized all his digital devices which ensured that vital evidence, including his phone which contained messages sent to Adam Ali about testing the Llama pistol, was identified and used in evidence against him and Adam Ali.

Commander Dean Haydon, of the Counter Terrorism Command, said:

"These men had a working firearm and ammunition which, in the wrong hands, could have endangered lives. Counter terrorism officers have ensured that these firearms, components and gunpowder chemicals are now safely off our streets and that the men have been brought to the courts to face justice."

Abdullah Ali and Amir Anjam, 33 (30.05.83) of Westminster Avenue, Thornton Heath, Croydon were found not guilty of conspiracy to convert a firearm on Thursday, 20 April 2017.

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